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A Funny Story

Earlier this week, I lost a half day of teaching in order to proctor several sessions of online testing for the junior class, while one of my co-teachers covered for me. Near the end of the session, I found out I was supposed to proctor for an hour the following day, too, but I didn’t see a substitute listed.

So I asked the counselor what I was supposed to do with the portion of my class that wasn’t testing.

She looked up at me and said, “Don’t you have a co-teacher that hour? I thought you had M—- in there, too.”

Sheepishly, I gave her a grin. Yup. That’s how much I can count on my other co. I forgot he was in the room with me.

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm curious about what teachers generally think when they see a student reading a book or turning in assignments about Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.?

I’m not sure I understand the question, exactly. Are you asking if I would get concerned and turn to admin as a precaution? I think the only answer I can give is “it depends.” Is the student obsessed with shootings? Does he glorify violence? Then I’m concerned. Did the student write a thoughtful essay on the policy changes necessary to reduce the opportunity for school shootings? Not a concern.

Anyone else in #education want to tackle this?

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Conspiracy Theory

After the third colleague stopped by my “room” today just to check in on me and see how I’m adjusting to the high school, I asked if the principal had sent a secret mass email to make everybody come ask how New Girl is doing.  Even the gruff social studies teacher next door came over and said he listened every now and then but never heard anything that made him think I didn’t have my poop in a group.

The alternative ed English teacher (who used to the 8th grade ELA teacher until they moved her and hired me, and who asked to be moved to the HS for this year but they moved me instead) stopped to chat with me in the media center today, too, to tell me that her grandson said he was so happy to be in my homeroom, claiming his friends were jealous. I know that the freshmen are still adjusting and just relieved to have a familiar face each day, but it was nice to hear. 

It sure did feel like some kind of “Psst-Check-On-Ms.Amused-Today” conspiracy.

Not that I’m complaining.

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runningthegoodrace replied to your post “Reddit”

Why do I not know about this???

It is an amazing public gift exchange that benefits the teaching community. I would check next August 1 to see about the deadlines and so on. Teachers are simply asked to post a thank you, with or without a photo, to acknowledge the gift. 

I have deeply-rooted nasty feelings about the system that encourages benevolence as a source of teaching materials, but I do have all kinds of gratitude for those that take on a share so that it isn’t left quite so squarely on us. 

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